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 L E S S O N S
These lessons provide more value and meaning . The monograms or seasonal art are comprised of working with color pencils, INK and gloss highlights adding your personal touch to a  monogram (that you pick)  This new concept is "entertaining" art therapy. 
So instead of just coloring in a book (and filing it away to collect dust AND MADE OF FLIMSY NON ARTIST PAPER) create a unique and memorable gift instead. The recipients of these pieces of art have been so flattered and appreciative, some are left speechless.

Ink, color, fine paper, letters, art, gloss and optional poetry...we love them all.

Robin's Ink and Letters is a creative shop where we do custom work plus have or own projects, such as Letteration, Ink. It's our very own creation and we think it is magical. 

But we know you are asking yourself ...what is a Letteration?


This new mix of art, letters and gloss was conceived by Dallas communication professional and artist, Robin McBride.


Each piece of a Letteration is a MONOGRAM, customized to illuminate and complement its recipient.


Why do we think it's magical?


You will know when you see the person's face light up when they receive this heartfelt gift from you. The illuminated monogram alone is outstanding even without a poem.

Let Robin create one for you.  Prices: $75 - $250 for this original art, all hand created and matted.


OR you take one of our new our new classes 

( in the D/FW Texas area) and enjoy a group or private lesson. You do the creative coloring on special artist paper and sign it yourself. Contact: for information.


Visit our other pages on this site to learn more and see examples.

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